Divorce during the summer break can be especially difficult in the Bayou State. Let’s face it, Louisiana is a fun-loving, schools-out-for-summer state, with a penchant for trips to the beach, overnight outings, and a vacation under the sun. Longer days comprised of work play, and family obligations create additional scheduling challenges. Louisiana requires 180 days minimum for the processing of a Marriage Separation Agreement before a case is eligible to file a Petition for Divorce (Civ. Code §§102-104). Divorce proceedings involving child custody matters require an even more extended period. With seasonal expenses and visitation rights on the agenda, divorcing spouses seeking professional advice from an experienced family law attorney can resolve custodial scheduling and support arrangements in time for fun in the sun.


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Financial Support and a Summer Divorce

Summer is a popular time of year for divorce. If a divorcing couple is undergoing a legal separation period or a divorce petition is just on the horizon, the court orders temporary child custody visitation scheduling and support arrangements. Spousal support and child support arrangements ordered by a court during a separation period can be increased if it is determined that the other spouse or the child(ren) involved will experience a reduction in the standard of living. Adjustments to support can be made for purposes of compensation, or for the financing of education funds and health insurance.

Under Louisiana child custody laws, both parents are legally obliged to financial support and provision of residency. A child must be supported in visitation travel costs and related expenses if travel between parental residences or vacation destinations is involved. Collaborative planning of activities, finance, gifts, and travel arrangements is evidence of parental accountability to custodial responsibilities in court.


Custodial Schedules and Vacation Planning

Vacation visitation planning can be an additional legal issue for separating or divorcing parents. Louisiana family law offers guidelines for a written Child Visitation Letter to request a custodial schedule. A letter expressly cites consideration of the child’s rights, the other parent’s rights, and protects your own rights should an adverse event take place in court. The inclusion of a custodial schedule with the place, date, and time of events, as well as the travel itinerary and costs associated with fulfilling the child’s visitation rights, is recommended.  To formalize the visitation process, consult with a licensed family law attorney offering child visitation letter and custodial schedule services.


Louisiana Family Law Consultation

Protect your rights and live more freely this summer. Petition for marital separation, divorce, or child custody can be a time-consuming and costly experience in Louisiana. A licensed attorney experienced at family law matters can provide you with the peace of mind you need to pursue the divorce and child custody process without the risks associated with communications, finances, travel plans, and visitation scheduling during a marital separation.

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